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Efficient Service

Effective planning by our dedicated team helps simplify your workflow and boost efficiency.

Cost Effective Solutions

We find the most practical ways to get our products to you saving you time and money.

Global Reach

Our network of trusted affiliates provide support in over 50 countries worldwide.


We offer custom solutions for all our clients.

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About Us

Go2 Fuels is a South African based company that supplies and distributes a range of bulk fuel products worldwide through our established distribution network. Our aim is to provide efficient service, advice and quality products. We believe in establishing long term relationships with our clients, help grow their market share and save money.


Cargo and Freight

Management of your deliveries directly to your place of business via rail, road and air. traceable, secure and efficient.

Port to Port

Provision of safe, efficient, environmentally responsible marine and shipping solutions.

Dip and Pay

Delivery with payment at the port. Upon successful dip test buyer makes payment via TT EFT

International Delivery

Our secure logistics network provides efficient delivery to most countries at reasonable rates

Our quality products do not set us apart, but our strong business ethics and service standards do.

Oliver Samuel – Director


Diesel 50 PPM

A highly refined, middle distillate, hydrocarbon fuel that contains  less than 0.005% sulphur by mass.These extremely low sulphur levels enable the diesel to be compatible with emission control devices such as catalytic converters.

Diesoline 10

Special purpose light distillate fuel used in high speed engines. Provides adequate lubricity and an ultra low sulfur content. It used mainly for industrial and mining purposes. 

Residual Fuel Oil

Known as virgin D6, this fuel is used mainly for shipping and marine applications due to the fact that marine engines are designed to use different viscosities of fuel.

Crude Oil

We supply all grades of crude oil, light and heavy and deliver to most countries. 

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